By Hababa Walibiyah

Ayatullah Hassanzadeh Amoli has given a few pieces of advice on how to use social media in a God-pleasing way. This advice might seem simple, but it pertains to things that we often forget in this distracting world:

  1. Keep justice and haqq alive and repeat mentioning it in these atmospheres
  2. Disassociate yourself from injustice and oppression in order to destroy it
  3. Abstain from any haraam images
  4. Abstain from any useless and futile discussions
  5. Abstain from any jokes that pertain to religion, sacred things, and religious personalities, and also abstain from mocking a certain nationality or race
  6. Do not become the source of spreading false information, so before posting any hadith or story, make sure it is from an authentic source
  7. Use words that will testify positively for you on the Day of Judgement and not against you
  8. Make yourself the key towards kheir [goodness] and a lock towards shar [evil]
  9. Anything you post is a statement with your signature of approval on it. Do not make excuses that you just copied what others posted
  10. Use all your energy and capability to use this technology for inviting people towards the deen of Allah, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, and teaching religious, cultural, scientific matters. This means becoming a person who wants the community to grow. Purify your intentions while doing this.
  11. For mentioning the truth, put aside any shyness and bashfulness. The deen and the truth comes before anything else.
  12. Your profile picture and your posts/messages are a representation of your character [implying to not take it lightly]