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Statement of Imam Khomeini (RA)

About the false notion of contradiction between spirituality, religion and material life

Conspiracy against spirituality

  • “Among the noticeable conspiracies during the present century and especially during the last few decades and since the victory of the Islamic Revolution is the vast world-wide propaganda for demoralising nations and especially the self-sacrificing people of Iran with a view to making them lose their confidence in Islam and eventually renounce it.
  • Sometimes it is done directly, albeit (though) crudely (unskilfully), suggesting, for example, that the edicts (laws) of Islam which were established one thousand and four hundred years ago cannot possibly be relied on as laws on the basis of which to administer countries in the present century, that Islam is a reactionary religion opposed to every innovation and to the display of modern civilization, or that in the present era the countries in the world cannot discard the world’s civilization and its manifestations.
  • And similar foolish and occasionally malicious and vicious propaganda nicely wrapped and offered in the form of pro-Islamic propaganda and under the pretext of support for the sanctity of Islamic ways, among other things, that Islam and other divine religions are concerned about the spiritualities, about the moral rectification of mankind, that they invite them to resign earthly pursuits, that they invite man to renounce the material world and engage himself in acts of worship, saying prayers and devotions which, they argue, bring man nearer to God and distance him from the material world; that involvement in the administration of state and government and politics is against that lofty and spiritual goal because the latter activities are solely for this material world, which is against the teachings of the great prophets.”