​Mirza Noorul Hasan:

A different perspective about poverty of the people who are living in Canada or outside holy cities. 

Indeed people living in Iraq and Mashad are rich ❣

Eight years ago I was walking from Najaf to Karbala when I came across a very poor local villager near Karbala. Poverty was evident from his clothes, footwear and demenour. Observing a Shia of my Imam (as) in such blatant and abject poverty broke my heart as I felt terrible for him. We started talking and he asked me about where I live; he was very simple and uneducated and did not know about the country called Canada. “Which of the Imam is buried in Canada?” He asked, “The Imams are buried in Iraq, Iran and Hijaz” I replied. ” Which of the prophets of Allah have their shrines in Canada?” he asked me next, “We do not have any shrines of the prophets in Canada”, “Oh okay”, he continued, “You must have some Imam Zade, some children of Imams buried there”. 

Upon hearing that there are no Imam Zade also, he asked me with a very worried and pained expression 

“Whenever I feel miserable or have any problems, I go to Abulfazlil Abbas (as), I go to Kadhemein, I go to Sammara, I go visit Husayn (as), my brother, where do you go?” , 

I was speechless, he got up and with tears in his eyes hugged me hard and said I feel very bad for your poverty and Mazlomiat and will pray to Allah to give you an opportunity to visit Karbala again and again.