An effective Mau’eza (sermon, discourse, preaching)

By: Mirza Noorul Hasan

There was a great scholar, the father of Allama Majlisi, Allama Taqi Majlisi. Once he received a complaint from a person, who came to him to complain about his neighbour and said, ‘I have a neighbour, who is a gangster, and the boss of the thugs of the city. From morning till evening, music and dancing go on (in his house), and I am greatly disturbed by it, nevertheless don’t know what to do. Could you help me resolve this?

The Allama said, ‘go and invite him for the dinner at your place and I would also come to your house, perhaps I might be able to influence him’.

Thus, this person goes back to his house and invites his neighbour (the thug) for the dinner.

In the evening when the gangster enters the house, he finds the father of Allama Majlisi sitting there. He thinks to himself, now this scholar would spoil the fun and I would not be able to enjoy myself in his presence.

The gangster addresses the Allama, wanting to show how great he is and perhaps to look down on him.

(Many people have this mentality, they believe because they have money and power they have a passport to insult others, belittle others and consider themselves over and above others.)

He says, ‘tell me whether you have better qualities than us?’

The father of Allama Majlisi told him to talk about his qualities first, then perhaps he would talk about his.

The gangster said, ‘one of our good qualities is our faithfulness, when we eat from someone’s table, we never betray him.

Allama Majlisi replied confidently, ‘No! It’s not the case’.

He said, ‘This is the case’.

The Allama said, ‘you eat from Allah’s RIZQ everyday’. Has he not bestowed upon you all the good bounties that you have and enjoy, your life and everything (but you continue to be disobedient and disloyal to him through your wrongdoings and criminal acts)?

This simple statement went straight into his heart.

He came back the next day and knocked at the door of Allama Majlisi’s father’s house.

He said, ‘what you said last night has changed me, and I have performed GHUSL E TAUBA[1] and I am repentant for my past evil deeds. Please teach me religion’.

Sometimes, one statement and word of Maueza[2] (preaching) may transform a person and bring him on the right path.

When there is a change in a person, there is a change in the world.

[1] Special bath to be performed after asking for forgiveness from Allah (azj).

[2] Discourse, piece of advice