Everybody is mourning about something, some for what happened in The Middle East, some for what happened in Europe, some for what happened in America. Its true that innocent people lost their lives and we should be sad about it and sympathise with the victims of senseless violence,


we forget about the true victim of all this carnage and mayhem, our oppressed, misunderstood, misinterpreted, misused and abused by those who claim to follow it and those who don’t follow it, defamed, defaced and distorted by the media and opportunist politicians, abandoned religion of Allah the HOLY ISLAM.

O my beloved religion ISLAM! My heart and mind go for you. I am truly sorry for what people are doing to you.

Please read the Holy Qur’an and Hadith properly and learn about Islam, before blaming ISLAM for anything wrong done by anybody having any Arabic or non Arabic name. And those who are killing innocent people in the name of Islam, for God sake, stop, the Prophet and his family and his righteous and true companions never did such a thing even to animals.