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In His Name the Most High

Assalamu Alaikum

I wish you and your family and friends a very happy Eid. On this blessed occasion I pray to Allah (azj) to allow the Muslim Ummah to see many such happy occasions.

Please take a moment and reflect!


Aren’t our hearts bleeding and burning from inside because of the state of our beloved Muslim Ummah?

Although it is a joyful occasion of Eid, but it doesn’t feel like one anymore as it has lost its lustre and colour due to the prevailing state of affairs in the world, mainly in the Muslim sphere.

Thanks to the unjust, brutal and inhumane imposed wars and other terrorist attacks by irreligious fanatics and bloodthirsty powers and its rulers, thousands of innocent Muslim and non-Muslim young men, children, women, men and old people have lost their lives since the last Eid.

There are millions of orphans, widows and poor Muslim families that have lost their dear ones, those who would look after them and bring joy and happiness to them, sadly they are living in extremely difficult conditions where they have to beg others for even a piece of bread let alone beautiful clothes and colourful dresses. Unfortunately, the majority of the Muslim communities, human rights organisations, and rest of the world is sitting quiet and doing nothing, watching it all happening in front of its eyes. Perhaps because Muslims are regarded as less human, and Muslim blood is cheap and has no value even according to their own coreligionists. Those Muslims who are still living in somewhat peace are either ignorant of these events or choose to ignore their oppressed, poverty-stricken and wretched brothers to calm their conscience. They are contented and happy because nothing has happened to them yet.

Worst of all is the condition of the Leaders of the Islamic countries and nations, who have sold their souls for some worldly gains. They have lost their independence, identity, wealth and have sunk in the swamp of bias, prejudice, shamelessness, ignorance, self-centredness and lack of dignity for a few good days of this life.

Hence, at this juncture Imam Mahdi (a) is our only hope and saviour, it is he who can save us by the leave of Allah (SWT) from further falling in this abyss. Thus, please do not forget to pray for the reappearance of this noble personality. We shall have a true EID only on his advent. And also please do not forget your less fortunate brothers in faith wherever they are.

*Eid Mubarak!* and Many Happy returns of the day.

Awaiting the reappearance of my Master

Mirza Noorul Hasan Lucknowi