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Mathematics of life ➕✖➖➗

Maths your life >Assumption:

1; U lived for 60 years, and each day of your life, U slept 8hrs in the 60years, U Will have spent
exactly 20 years just sleeping.
2; U worked for 8hrs a day, U
will have spent 20years just working.
3; Usually Childhood takes 15years.
4; Sat on the dining table twice a day for thirty minutes, U will have spent 3years just eating.
Now…Addition of sleep(20yrs)
+work(20yrs)+childhood (15yrs)+meals(3yrs) =58years. Subtracting from the total
number of yrs (60yrs), you have

ONLY 2years remaining.
What Will be your answer on
the day of judgment when you’re asked about your time on earth?

  • Here’s a simple solution to the
    problem above.

The holy Quran has got 604 pages, right?
If you try to divide the 600
pages in 30days of the month, they’re nothing.

Don’t worry about the calculations, I got them done
for you 600/30=20; simple.
Now that means you are to
cover 20 pages/day.
There are 5 prayers a day, so,
20/5=4, this means, if you recite 4pages after every salat (prayer), you’ll definitely complete the
whole holy Quran in just one

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