No one has the perfect life which begin with “Once upon a time” and ends with “Happily ever after”.
Life begins with “Welcome to the struggle” and ends with “You are lucky to have survived the journey.”
If you wait for happy moments, you will wait forever. But if you start believing that you are happy you will be happy forever.
Remember, All the problems are stuck between the Mind and Matter,
If you don’t Mind, It doesn’t Matter.

The most important charity you can invest in is your own character. The most important institution you can build is your own heart. The most tyrannical ruler you can overthrow is your own ego. you have much more power than you can imagine. In you are the secrets of the cosmos and yet you are busied by the smallest distraction.

Never allow the mindless drama that goes on around you to stress you out. Maintain your inner peace and walk away without any reaction.

When we are in Examination Rooms;
► We are not allowed to COPY or CHEAT from others,
► We are not allowed to open a book when we FORGET,
► We are not allowed to HELP anyone else to pass the Exam.
✦-How Easy is the EXAM from Allah-✦
► We are totally Allowed to COPY the Righteous and the Pious,
► We always have the BOOK {QUR’AN} to open when we FORGET,
► We are even Encouraged to HELP others in this EXAM…and by doing so we get bonus points too [reward similar to theirs]