➡Deep Vision Of Agha Syed Jawad Naqvi on Crane falling incident during Hajj⬅

This year the management of Hajj has become victim of a bloody accident whereby a crane which was installed in Masjid-ul-Haram fell down and several believers got martyred and many were wounded. It was a dreadful event and more painful part of this was that this event took place on 9/11. The crane falling down in Masjid-ul-Haram on 9/11 is not something normal even though the satanic media tried to give it some other color. They first said that it was due to some storm and clouds that this crane fell down but later themselves said that there was no storm. There were several cranes installed around Haram so if it was storm then many cranes should have come down. The Saudi government also confessed that this was not due to storm. Then they said it was due to negligence or fault. Initially BBC and other channels even said that the storm speed was 100 kms per hour whereas the pilgrims were doing worships at that time.
It is not possible that 100 kms speed wind is blowing and pilgrims are standing in their place? This was nonsense and there was no storm. Now they have considered Bin Laden group as being responsible for this because the crane contract was with them. It is the same Bin Laden family group to which Osama bin Laden belonged. They say now that this crane was not installed as per the standards and hence they were made responsible for this. Even this is not true instead several evidences are available which proves that this was an intentional operation. This operation was carried out on 9/11 in Kaaba and in both 9/11 Bin Laden group were involved. The crane was installed the same way other cranes are installed but on this same day some nuts and bolts of this crane were loosened and it fell down on a central point. The crane has an arm, one is the vertical arm and other is the horizontal arm which holds the weight of the lifting material. It is a common safety practice which is definitely followed in these countries as well, that within the range in which the crane is moving material, the ground area is blocked with ribbons and is a prohibited area.
Ordinary persons cannot come in this range only engineers and laborers can come, that too in a secure way. The same was done in Harram also for all cranes. For this crane two things were done; one was that this crane did not fall down in the construction area for which it was installed. Some experts have analyzed this that the wind was blowing at a speed of 22 km/hr. and the direction of this crane was in the opposite direction in which the crane was moving. First the crane did not fall in its working area instead it came down on pilgrims. The second was that it was done intentionally, its system was loosened and was made to fall out of the range in public area. This was done intentionally through the Bin Laden Company but in reality who did this is not known and they will not tell also. It is a secret but they are aware that this was done intentionally and hence they banned Bin Laden group and have put all the members of this group into Exit control List whereby they cannot leave Saudi Arab. This means there are some elements involved in this incident who might be trying to escape from the country but now they have blocked everyone. They were aware and eventually they will put this on the head of some Bangladeshi as majority of them are laborers.
This was a dreadful event whereby this one crane fell down but more dreadful than this are the other cranes which are standing still and have not fallen down and others are not attentive towards them. This crane which fell down has damaged one building and martyred some pilgrims, but the other cranes have ruined the Kaaba and made Masjid ul Haram destitute. These cranes have made such big towers around Masjid ul Haraam by which Kaaba cannot be seen. They have made such big building of 700 meters, highly luxuries hotels where all forms of entertainment is available. The Holy Kaaba has been made as the means of income and Hajj has been transformed into tourism. In your country also there are tourism companies who take pilgrims on Hajj. The pilgrim has in his mind only that he is going for Hajj whereas on the form it is written as tourist. They issue the visa of tourism and only make the pilgrim do the Niyyah of Hajj; the pilgrims are also going there as tourist They have made Kaaba as a place of tourism and have buried Kaaba under these towers and hotels. The Kaaba has lost its sanctity because of these cranes which are constructing these big towers. There is no one attentive to this, no one talks on media and big scholars who even consider drinking water while standing as Biddah (innovation) but on this matter they don’t say anything. They talk on small matters but on this big tragedy that is taking place in front of everyone’s eyes, but no one says anything. The world media is speaking against everyone except Aal-e-Saud. They don’t give news or coverage and you know what the secret is. All these people are being fed on their waste hence no one speaks about this. The Zionists are on the verge of destroying the first Qiblah whereas this Aale Saudi family is attacking the present Qiblah. Both these incidents are tragic. These days are of Hajj and may Allah protect the pilgrims and make them return to their home safe with their deeds accepted. And May Allah grant all other believers opportunity for Hajj also.