look at some qualities that ALLAH does not love, whether in people, communities or countries:

  1. ISRAAF (Extravagance)
    “But waste not by excess: for ALLAH loves not the wasters (Al-Musrifun (those who waste by extravagance)).” [Surah Al An’am 6:141]
  2. ISTIKBAAR (Pride)
    “Verily He loves not the arrogant (proud).” [Surah Al Nahl 16:23]3.

  3. MUKHTAL FAKHOOR (Arrogant boaster)
    “For ALLAH loves not any arrogant boaster.” [Surah Luqman 31:18]

  4. UDWAAN (Transgression)
    “For ALLAH loves not transgressors.” [Surah Al Ma’idah 5:87]

  5. ZULM (Evil, Wrongdoing)
    “But ALLAH loves not those who do wrong (Zalimun (oppressors, polytheists and wrong doers)).” [Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:57]

  6. KHIYAANAH (Treachery)
    “For ALLAH loves not the treacherous.” [Surah Al Anfal 8:58]

  7. MUFSIDEEN (Mischief-makers)
    “And ALLAH loves not those who do mischief.” [Surah A Ma’idah 5:64]

Do we possess such traits?

Ponder on it

Salawat x3