Assalam o Alaykum Dear All,

Here is the brief introduction of an international campaign as we get ready for the upcoming International Day of Quds, which is the Day of Islam and the day of oppressed.

💭The theme of this campaign is:
~ The Iftar with Unity & Resistance ~

📢The main slogan of this campaign is:
~ Al-Quds is the most important issue of Islamic world ~

As usual the Quds Day will be observed on last Friday of this holy month of Ramadhan, which falls on 23rd of Ramadhan/10th of July, this year.

📆Duration of this campaign: From 15th till 23rd of Ramadhan (Quds Day).

📌Two of the main areas to work on, under this campaign:

✅Sunni Shia Unity:
In this holy month, Let us strive to form in its true sense, the Ummah of 1.5 billion strong followers of this great religion Islam all over the world, including both Shia and Sunni.
Let us be that Ummah, which will be led by Imam Mahdi (atfs) under his global government of Truth and Justice.

As we know, Imam Khamenei (ha) have repeatedly stated that Palestine is the main issue of the world of Islam.
Let the Ummah join hands on this most important issue to liberate Palestine and Al Quds (the first Qibla of us) from the clinches of Zionists.

The main activities of this campaign:
1). ✅To organize Iftar ceremonies:
These ceremonies should reflect the unity between Shia and Sunni doing Iftar together.
Let us arrange such Iftar ceremonies in our areas and wherever else we can. The pictures of such events should be shared with all, through social media, blogs, emails etc

2). ✅Preparation for Quds day:
During the Iftar ceremonies, we can have banners, flags, posters etc related to the cause of Islamic Resistance and the Day of Quds.
Discussion should take place between Shia and Sunni brothers to strengthen the Islamic Resistance.

3). Promoting the campaign, its logo, theme, the pictures of Iftar ceremonies, the message of unity and Islamic Resistance, Quds Day, the plight of oppressed Palestine etc through social media, blogs, emails etc

📌Let us all participate actively in the Global Islamic Movement by joining this campaign, in whatever capacity we can.

PS: The logo of this International Campaign is as posted below. Please change your Profile Picture to this logo and let others know as well.