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You may avoid indulging in the sins if you follow the following steps carefully:

  1. Make a plan to avoid temptations – First of all you need a proper plan to fight the Satan and satanic thoughts. Normally you commit sins when you are alone and nobody is with you. Therefore, you have to find a way to fight your temptation of being alone and commit sins. Always be in the company of a close relative or friend and never allow yourself to be alone. Be with someone who would not tolerate your sins and would stop you from committing it. Instead of running away from such people, listen to their advice and stay with them.
  2. Set reasonable goals for fighting temptation. – Secondly, make your plan into an action plan, rather than trying to do something in one go, break it into small parts and work on one part at a time.
  3. Take responsibility for yourself. – Thirdly, Nobody can help you unless you take responsibility for your own actions and deeds. You have to convince yourself that you would be questioned in the grave and on the day of judgement and even there are many evil consequences for your actions in this world such as an adulterer has a short life and, there is no Baraka in his Rizq etc. Always remember the story of Prophet Yusuf (a) who despite having all the things, which would make him, fall into sin avoided it and remembered Allah (azj) and the hereafter.
  4. Turn your back on past sins. – Fourthly, dissociate with anybody and anything, which reminds you of your sinful past.

How to avoid temptation through positive behavior?

  1. Avoid situations and people that lead to sin.
  2. Get help. (Which is what you are doing now Alhamdulillah) first ask Allah for his help. Get a friend who would be with you all the time, get a Momin pious brother who would accompany you and watch over you.
  3. Occupy yourself. – Don’t allow yourself to be free.
  4. Be persistent. – If you fail once, twice or hundreds of times do not let it discourage you, be persistent as it is a lifelong battle.

How to stay faithful in the face of temptation?

  1. Accept that temptation is inevitable, and it is not going to disappear in one day, week, or even a year. It is always going to be with you, so you have to find the solution to this problem, and only you can change it, as all of us have our own temptations, some give in to them and some not.
  2. Do not be discouraged by your own imperfection. Do not hate yourself rather ask for help when you feel like you are losing your strength.
  3. Read the Quran. Read the Ahadith attend the religious programs and activities in the mosque and try to associate with only pious people and friends.
  4. Remember to trust Allah even when being tempted.
  5. Follow the example set by the Prophet (s) and his family and companions.
  6. Do a lot of Tauba and Istighfaar
  7. If possible travel from the place where you find yourself falling into sins
  8. Marriage – one of the highly recommended things is marriage in such cases, where the problem is related to Haraam relationships.