!!Beware!!: The Ramadaan Robbers                                              These are the thieves of the most precious month, Ramadaan.                                    
🚫 TV: A very dangerous thief!!
It’s job is to ruin your fasts by keeping you engaged in front of it and ultimately make you lose all your rewards.        

🚫 Malls: These robbers will tempt you to waste your precious time and hard earned money, so avoid visiting them as much as you can.

🚫 Staying Awake Late: This robber will steal your time for Tahajjud, and Istighfaar, so you lose those most valuable moments of your life.

🚫Kitchen: This sneaky robber keeps you busy all the time both physically and mentally at the price of your valuable time – which you should be spending earning  Allah’s Pleasure.
Right until Iftaar we are busy.  
The duaa of a fasting person at the time of Iftaar is never rejected,  so you should be making lots and lots of duaa at this time.

🚫 Social media like Facebook, bbm, WhatsApp, etc. This robber tempts you into opening an Islamic message and then steals all those precious minutes keeping you there.
It also steals your time when you respond ” آمين ” in writing to everyone’s beautiful duaas – which are broadcast in abundance in Ramadaan.  Respond in your mind and heart and save yourself some time.
Time that you could spend reading the Qur’an and getting closer to Allah.

But……..Alhamdulillah, we still have 26 days to correct ourselves and to prioritise.
Let’s put our life iη order, before this blessed month finishes and we are left consumed with guilt and feelings oƒ regret and remorse.