When you break your fast remember… trials of the house of Ahmed:

Did you break your fast with water… or with blood that seeps from your head? (Ali)

Did you feed your hungry children… or find yourself on your death-bed? (Fatima)

Did you chew and swallow sweet food… or throw up a liver’s shred? (Hassan)

Did you feed yourself finally… or have arrows upon you fed? (Hussain)

Did you sip that sweet water… or throw it away instead? (Abbas)

Did you patiently wait for Eid… or throw your joy for God’s stead? (Qassim)

Did you recite the call to prayer… or leave your mother with her dread? (Ali Akbar)

Did you expect your thirst quenched… by liquid that’s not blood-red? (Ali Asghar)

Are you protected when you eat… or towards Shaam are you led? (Zainab)

Did you eat with your beloved ones… or all alone with stale bread? (Mehdi)

When you break your fast remember… those who sacrificed in your stead
Open your fast with a few tears… for the household of Mohammed