Welcoming the holy month of Ramazan

Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) says that the month of Ramazān was nearing and three days of Shabaan were left when the Holy Prophet(sawaw) told Bilal(ra) to call people to him. When people came, then Holy Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa(sawaw) mounted the pulpit and praised and glorified Allah . Then he said, “The month, which you are going to have now is supreme among all other months. There is a night in this month, which is better than a thousand months. The doors of Hell are closed in this month and the doors of Paradise are opened. One who is not forgiven in this month – Allah also distances him. Similarly, a person has parents and is not able to get himself forgiven Allah distances him. One who does not recite Salawat when my name is mentioned in front of him, his salvation is not possible and Allah distances him.”

[Reference: Sawaabul Aamaal page 98]

Special duas during Ramazan

Special duas to be recited during the forthcoming Ramazan have been added athttp://www.ziaraat.com/aamal/ramzan/ramzan.php. These include:

1) Duas on the advent of Ramazan to be recited upon sighting the moon.

2) Common duas to be recited in each night of Ramazan.

3) Dua-e-Sahar

4) Duas after every wajib prayer during Ramazan.

5) Duas for each day of Ramazan.

6) Duas in the last 10 nights of Ramazan.

7) Aamal of Shab-e-Qadr