I was once in the Smithsonian space museum, when a doctor approached me. He started talking to me. He mentioned that, the muslims who do a lot of worship have glow on their face. I replied yes they do, they have the glow of piety. He replied that there is a reason for this. I asked him the reason. He replied that blood reaches the organs of a human below the heart with ease. It is difficult for the blood to reach parts above the heart. Thats why, the head does not get the amount of flooded blood it should get. When the muslims pray and prostrate. In this position the head and face is below the heart. This is the only way that the blood can flood the face. When you do a long prostration, you can feel the blood in your face. I replied, yes you can. He then said, it is this circulation of blood daily that makes the face fresh.
I thought to myself, that if the women were to come to know about this, that by praying the face remains young. Then, they may leave the creams and rush after the nafl salah. And in reality whoever is a pious person, you will see the glow on their face. The spiritual affect is there, but there is also the bodily benefit.