Now this is very interesting…IBN AL-WAQT (Son of Time)…a must read for all

Deputy Nazir Ahmed was one of the earlier Muslims ICS (Indian civil Servant) who passed the exam during the early days of British Raj.

His intention was to work hard towards promoting education (in Muslim India) to counter the growing threat posed by Hindus of India and during his relentless pursuit he committed some very serious errors in Tafseer of Qur’an etc.


He wrote a Novel called Ibnul-Waqt in which he describes a Muslim who came from a good religious family but due to the growing British influence he:

1) Changes his dressing to start wearing British clothes
2) Starts keeping dogs as pets
3) Moves out of the Indian neighbourhood and moves into British Colony
4) Starts eating British food
5) Speaks English with a British Accent
6) Even starts to pepper his Urdu with English

His mother comes to visit but leaves when she is attacked by the dogs (while praying Salah), as a Muslim woman (in India) from a conservative background she had never encountered dogs…His whole family shuns him out which makes him go even closer to the British.

The British mock him because they think of his as an Indian who is trying to suck up to them.

His wife who also comes from a traditional Muslim family also tries very hard to fit in (with the British women) but gets mocked at (for being an Indian).

Ibnul-Waqt tries to become “Brown Saheb” because the Muslims rule had come to an end in front of his eyes and the British had gained power so in his mind he associates this decline to the backwardness of Islam.

Nobody visits him UNTIL a Mufti from his family who has also passed ICS (Indian civil Servant) comes and lives with him and they had some very deep conversations about the decline of Islam and Muslims in India which makes Ibnul-Waqt realise the folly of his thinking, by this time he is also frustrated that despite the best of his efforts (even after alienating his mother and his family) he is still considered an Indian (read PAKI in today’s terms).

Since then Ibnul-Waqt (Son of time) is a term used in Urdu for those who try to “follow the times (at the cost of their religion and ideology)”, the equivalent American term would be “House Negro”. It is also frequently used in speeches.

It is hilarious novel and Ibnul-Waqt is a fitting term for those who are trying to distort Shariah to fit into the Western culture and society and to be accepted.

Those who can read Urdu can read the story at below website.