We need to rise above race and color issues, we need to realise that our nations and tribes, languages, colour of the skin and every other physical and apparent difference is only but a means and vehicle for a greater purpose, Surah al Hujuraat verse 13, like every other thing in the world, the aim is
وما خلقت الجن والإنس إلا ليعبدون،
ففروا إلى الله….
Taqwa allows us to transform and ”actualise’ the above aims,

We have the four fold relationship:
1. Responsibility to ourselves
2. Responsibility to others
3. Responsibility to nature and the environment
4. Responsibility to Allah.
The most fundamental responsibility is the responsibility to Allah which is based on taqwa, it is through that responsibility we are able to adhere the others and gain in proximity to Allah, naturally they are inter related as the one feeds into the other, thus on that basis taqwa increases and similarly we become more conscious of each responsibility, it is an infinite path and thus it continues For the period of our existence on this physical plain

Whenever we focus on other isms we distance from the goal of
ففروا إلى الله….
and thus we confuse vehicles for aims and many atimes replace the aims with means and the prime focus is lost and thus issue after issue takes us further from the truth, The ultimate Truth,
الله جل وعلى

The translation of those verses:

I have not created man and jinn except that he worships (Me) Surahالذاريات، verse 50

Flee unto Allah….. verse 56

By: Sheikh Safiullah