Allah created the entire universe and everything inside of it for us, for us to be able to experience Him through the essence of His creation! We are not made for this world this world is made for us. Remember this. Tell yourself again and again, this world is made for me, BUT I am made for Allah. I do not blame this world for its gravity, for its asking for my soul, because it was made to desire my body, for we are from its womb and the Earth longs to become one with us again. This creation is made for us, so its longing is justified, but we were not made for the Earth so if we long for its treasures we will be veiled from our true divine need because our essence and spirit longs for Allah alone. The problem comes when we put together our bodies and spirits and sell them both at the price of one life to this Earth. We are not this body we are the spirit carried inside, and nothing from this land will satisfy the loneliness, the emptiness, and the desire for an infinite Love except for the one who is Infinite and entirely Whole. But don’t make a mistake, the role of this world is a very holy one because it is by traveling through this world that we find compasses and sign posts that lead us to Allah’s Divine Reality. Just as the finger pointing to the moon is not the moon, this world is not our cure it only points to it. You see, this world is a map, it is not the destination. And as long as you can make that distinction you will find your way Home. So do not hate this world, for it is a guide and gift from your Lord. So be in gratitude for the Names that Allah has placed in the heart of everything He created so that through creation we would come to know Him. So these forms are very holy, because this world of shapes was made for you, as a medium, as a mirror, and as a reflection to be able to experience your Lord. This world is a world of shadows, while Allah is the one Moving before His Own Light. You see, in the deepest sense this world and every reflection within it is from Allah and leads to Allah. So don’t worship the path worship the one waiting at the Destination.