Have u ever looked around and noticed something?

Did u see that the whole world is actually wearing a covering? A Hijab?

YES! The whole world is in Hijab

The earth is surrounded by ozone layer.

Fresh fruits have peels on them.

A sword is preserved in a sheath.

Ink pen would dry & become useless without a cap.

We cover our course books to protect them.

If an apple is peeled off, it would rot.

A banana turns black & tasteless without a peel.

SubhanAllah! Entire world is covered. All precious things of Allah are in Hijab!

So woman, the precious, ‘Durr e Maknoon’ as Allah calls them, how can Allah leave them unprotected? Uncovered?

O’ Momin Women, Cover urself as Allah asked, surely no one loves us more than Allah swt…