It is worth mentioning that whoever intends to strengthen his memory is advised to use frequently the miswak (a stick used for cleansing the teeth), observe fasting, read regularly the Holy Qur’an in general and Ayah al-Kursi in particular, and addict himself to eating raisins, especially twenty grains of the red colored type, before having anything in the beginning of the day. This is useful for improving understandability, mentality, and memory.

For good memory too, it is advised to eat the post-neck meat, candy, honey, and lentils.

This direction is also useful for good memory: Equal amounts of olibanum, galingale, and sugar candy may be crushed softly and an amount of the mixture that is equal to five dirhams may be swallowed every day. This direction may be followed for three consecutive days and eschewed for five days, and so on.

For good memory too, it is advisable to say these words every day after the Dawn Prayer before saying the taslim statement:

يا حىّ يا قيّوم فلا يفوت شيئا علمه،و لا يؤده.

It is also recommended to say the post-prayer supplication that beings with this statement (after prayers):

سبحان من لا يعتدى على اهل مملكته‏ …