Once, a great personality was asked,

“How do you manage to live such a pure life?

Why are you so calm?

How come you never get tired?

How is it that you don’t get caught up in temptations?”

He replied, “After many years of study and experience, I have based my life on these 5 principles:

  1. I realised that nobody else is going to eat up the rizq/sustenance that has been ordained for me, thus I became calm.
  2. I realised that Allah is watching me so I was ashamed to do anything bad in his presence.

  3. I realised that nobody else was going to do my work, so I strove and worked.

  4. I realised that death awaits me at the end, so I prepared myself.

  5. I realised that no good or bad deeds are lost – each will eventually come back to me. So I increased my good deeds and kept away from bad ones.

And I remind myself of these 5 principles everyday.