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In the book of Khulasat al-Adhkar, Lady Fatimah al-Zahra’ (‘a) is reported to have said: I had just spread out my bed when my father the Holy Prophet (s) visited me. “Fatimah,” he said. “Do not go to sleep before You do four things:

(1) recite the Holy Qur’an entirely,

(2) make all prophets to intercede for you,

(3) win the pleasure of all believers with you, and

(4) win the reward of one hajj and one ‘umrah.”

I answered, “Allah’s Messenger, you have just ordered me to do four things none of which I can do while I am in this situation of mine!”

With smile, the Holy Prophet (s) said,
1. “If you recite Surah al-Tawhid three times, you will be decided as having recited the Holy Qur’an entirely.

  1. If you invoke Almighty Allah’s blessings upon me and the prophets who came before me, we all will intercede for you on the Resurrection Day.
  2. If you implore Almighty Allah’s forgiveness for the believers, they all will be pleased with you.

  3. If you repeat these four statements, you will be decided as having performed hajj and ‘umrah:

سبحان اللّه و الحمد للّه‏ و لا اله الاّ اللّه و اللّه اكبر.