ادخلوھا بسلام آمنین

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

A message from the Holy Qur’an for the oppressed and aggrieved Ummah.

Written by:

Mirza Noorul Hasan


Please Momineen and brothers in Islam, recite the Ayaat quoted below and ponder over their meanings. These Ayaat speak volumes.

Today, our Muslim Ummah is in turmoil after turmoil, we are facing never ending oppression, wars, looting, ravaging, murder in every corner of the world.

Some people ask this question every now and then,

Where is the divine help?

Why is Allah (azj) not punishing the perpetrators of these crimes?

A short reply:

These problems are not from Allah (azj), they are from us or result of our wrong action or inaction, and we are fully responsible for everything that is happening in our Muslim Ummah.

If we ponder over the meaning of these Ayaat, we would realize that Allah (azj) is calling the whole Muslim Ummah not to rely…

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