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Events which happened in the Holy Month Ramadhan. Interestingly all the books were revealed in this month.

1st – 8th Imam a.s. was appointed heir apparent of Ma’amoon (201 A.H.)
3rd – Revelation of Suhufe H. Ibrahim a.s.
6th – Revelation of Taurat on H. Musa a.s.
7th – Death of Hazrat Abu Talib a.s. (possible alternative date)
10th – Death of Janabe Khadija a.s.
11th – Brotherhood Day between Muhajireen and Ansaar
13th – Revelation of Injeel/Bible on H. Isa a.s.
13th, 14th and 15th – Ayyam-e-Bayz – the Bright Days
15th – Birth of Imam Hasan a.s. – the 2nd Holy Imam – (3 A.H.)
17th – Victory at Battle of Badr – (2 A.H.)
18th – Revelation of Zabur on H. Dawood a.s.
19th Evening – First (probable) Night of Qadr
19th – Youm-e-Zarbat – Imam Ali a.s. was attacked during Subh prayers (40 A.H.)
20th – Conquest of Makkah – (8 A.H.)
21st Evening – Second (probable) Night of Qadr
21st – Shahadat of Imam Ali a.s. – (40 A.H.)
23rd Evening – Third (probable) Night of Qadr & the decent of Al-Qur’an
27th Evening – Another (probable) Night of Qadr
Last Friday of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak – International Quds Day
30th – Battle of Hunayn – after which the entire Arabian Peninsula came under the domain of Islam