Female Born are Blessings


Before Islam, giving birth to a female child was considered as source of disgrace and burden.

Al-Qur’an mentions this very graphically:


 “And when anyone of them is given the news of a daughter, his face turns black, he is filled with anger. 

And he hides himself from the people because of the evil of the news given to him

(wondering) should he keep her with disgrace, or bury her (alive) in the dust. 

Behold! (how) evil is what they judge”.  (16:58-59).


Many Arabs opted to bury their female child to save themselves from disgrace:

 “And when the girl (buried alive) is asked; For what sin was she put to death”. (81:8-9).  


Whereas the Arabs used to hanker for male offspring, whom they believed ensured continuity of their progeny.  

 The Holy Prophet (saww) said:

 “Blessed is that woman who first gives birth to a daughter and then to a son”. 


He (saww) also said:

“Grace descend over the person’s house where there are daughters. 

Heavenly blessings are showered on that house and angels visit that house for a glimpse”.


A man was sitting with the Holy Prophet (saww) when someone came and told him,

“A daughter has been born to you”.

 There was a visible sign of dislike on his face, so the Holy Prophet (saww) said:

 “The earth bears her, the heavens shade her and the Almighty gives her food.

For you, she is like a flower, smell her fragrance”.



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